2018 LSS Annual Report

Last year was an exciting one for Lutheran Senior Services as we celebrated our 160th anniversary of continuously serving others as Christ would serve them. It was a year when we concentrated on our operations and financial performance. By working together and focusing on our Christian Core Values of being Faith Inspired, putting People First, providing Service Excellence, wisely managing our resources through Responsible Stewardship, and sharing our Generous Hearts, we made great improvements. We made some tough decisions and stuck to them. Because of this we can look back at 2018 and know that we’re headed the right direction.

LSS recently released our 2018 Annual Report, highlighting a few of the stories from the past year that show the breadth of our organization, the services we offer, and key wins from 2018. You can view our annual report online at LSSLiving.org/About. There you’ll be able to link to the full stories behind the numbers.

None of these success stories could have been achieved without the focus on our Christian Mission and the hard work, teamwork, and sacrifices of servant-hearted women and men through the decades. This of course incudes all of you, the LSS team that works tirelessly to help our residents, guests, and clients live their lives to the fullest. Thank you for all you do for our organization!

Looking forward as we remain focused on our Christian Mission, we can be assured that the best is yet to come!


John Kotovsky

CEO of Lutheran Senior Services