2019 Benefits Annual Enrollment Instagram Contest!

Do you love taking Instagram photos? And $100 Amazon gift certificates? Then you’ll love our latest contest!

ALEX is a fun, interactive website that can serve as your LSS medical benefits expert 24/7, and help you pick the plan that may be best for you once annual enrollment opens. ALEX is featured all around your community/location in posters, and in some places, as a life-size cutout. So:

1. Take an Instagram picture with Alex and yourself.

2. Tag “Lutheran Senior Services” in your photo and share one health goal you have for yourself this year. (Pssst … while there, why not follow us?)

How To Tag LSS

  • As you’re uploading a photo, tap the “Tag People” button.
  • Tap on the person or object in the photo you want to tag.
  • Type in the username and it should appear from a drop-down menu. Click it.
  • Tap “Done”.

Note: Similar to Facebook, you may have trouble finding a username if you don’t follow the person or business’s account. If you don’t see the username, you can search for it through the Instagram search function. To streamline the process,  we recommend following a user before tagging, or if you’re ready to post, going back to edit and tag the photo after posting.


3. At the end of Annual Enrollment on November 30, all those who have submitted a photo will be put into a drawing.

4. One person will receive a $100 gift certificate to Amazon!