A Very Special Shout Out

I would like to take a moment to congratulate my REACH Staff at St. Joseph’s Bluffs on a job well done last week. We had a patient go unresponsive today and into full cardiac arrest. His wife witnessed this and came out into the hall screaming. In less than a minute, my staff had the patient on the floor, CPR initiated, 911 on the phone, and the AED in the room. By the time the fire department showed up we had shocked him twice and achieved ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation). After reading the ER notes, I found out the the patient was awake and responsive in the ambulance and still currently doing well in the local ICU. He was found to have had a STEMI (ST elevation with myocardial infarction).

I cannot say enough positive things about my wonderful staff and the hard work and effort they put forth every day to deliver exceptional care to our guests.

Kaycee Breen| Director of Nursing


Way to go team SJB! Not a routine day at all. In terms of this situation and the fact it is not every day we get to save a life! With as much admiration as I can give. Kaycee, the team is lucky to have you too!

Gary Anderson | Chief Operating Officer


I want to add my words of appreciation and congratulations to the SJB REACH Team for saving a life and living out our Christian Mission by the way you care for older adults that are entrusted to us.


John Kotovsky | President – CEO