Accessing the Obits System

There are several different systems LSS employees use to keep communities and locations running smoothly. One these systems is Orbits, which is used in LSS communities to track and charge resident care products. For example, if a resident needs a toothbrush or shampoo, a staff member can scan the item at an Orbits kiosk and select the appropriate resident who is requesting it, which will then add a charge to the resident’s bill. If you are frontline nursing staff, you’ve probably used one of these. However, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make sure all staff display properly at the appropriate kiosks!

Orbits access is automatically granted based on the assigned Cost Center and Job Title in Workday. The “Cost Center” indicates the community and level of living where the staff member will be working. For example, Jackie is hired at Lutheran Hillside Village as a Registered Nurse and is placed in the Cost Center as “554050 HV Care Center Nursing.” This means she will primarily work as a nurse in the Care Center at Lutheran Hillside Village. After she is onboarded, Jackie goes to the Orbits kiosk to sign in for the first time. She finds her name and is then be prompted to set a new password. All is well with the world.

But wait! What if Jackie wants to pick up a shift in Assisted Living? Unfortunately, if she is not in the 553050 HV Assisted Living Health Srv Cost Center in Workday, she will not be able to sign into any Assisted Living Orbits kiosks automatically.

So, what should she do? Contact the Helpdesk!


Notice Jackie is requesting access as soon as she knows she’s working in a different level of living. This makes sure the Helpdesk has time to add her to the AL kiosk before she needs it.

Another reason a staff member may not appear on the Orbits kiosk is if they were hired under a new job title. Let’s say Jackie was hired under the brand-new job title – Grand Queen Nurse Supreme. Since LSS has never had a Grand Queen Nurse Supreme before, Orbits doesn’t know what to do with her access! Her supervisor, on the other hand, knows that all staff hired with that job title from now on should have access to Orbits. In that case, the supervisor can also email the Helpdesk and ask that the job title be added to automatic access list for Orbits.

Questions about Orbits, or any other LSS application? The Helpdesk is just an email ( or phone call (314.446.2400) away!