All About Workforce Excellence

In 2019, LSS announced that one of its objectives will focus on making LSS the employer of choice. This objective has become known as Workforce Excellence, it’s a wide-reaching and long-term project but one that will greatly benefit the organization and the staff who work with LSS residents every day. Here Colleen Bottens, LSS VP of Support Services and Executive Director of Meridian Village, provides an update on Workforce Excellence and the tactics that are in place to move this forward.

Why is LSS focusing on workforce?

Colleen: Our staff is our greatest asset at LSS. We want to do our best to provide them a great place to work. The goal of this objective is to make LSS the workplace of choice. The job market very competitive and we want the best and brightest at LSS working with older adults. And in turn we want to make sure we are doing what we can to take the best care of our employees too.

How is LSS tackling this huge project?

Colleen: We’ve broken this down into six areas where we are focusing: Data analysis, workforce experience, CNA workforce development, volunteer database implementation, scheduling process improvement, and recruitment process improvement.

In the Q2 VLOG, you spoke about Workforce Experience, CNA Workforce Development, and Scheduling Process Improvement. Could you provide an update on those tactics?

Colleen: Workforce Experience celebrates employees and recognizes our team as the backbone of our organization. This team is focused on getting input from employees about how you want to be recognized and rewarded for the great work you do on behalf of LSS every day. There’s a lot more coming about this, so definitely stay tuned!

In CNA Workforce Development we’re focusing on our CNA Training Academy and bringing more CNA candidates into our organization. Without our wonderful CNAs we would not be able to help our residents live our mission every day in our communities. Through the academy we continue to see full classes of Nurse Assistants in Training thanks to a focus on recruiting great applicants for this program.

If you’ve been around LSS for a few years, you know that we’ve been talking scheduling for a while. This project is going to take us where we need to be and really benefit our frontline staff and managers. We have selected new scheduling software that we’ll start to use in a few communities in early 2020 and will roll out LSS-wide later in the year.

These are just a few of the areas, but there is a lot going on in the Workforce Excellence objective overall. Again, much more news will be coming as we continue to make headway to make LSS the employer of choice. Thank you again for all you do!