An Assisted Living Update

In the Quarter 3 Financial and Operations Update, we received an update on LSS’ Assisted Living Pricing Model. Here Valerie provides an update of how this model has been received.

The rollout of the Assisted Living Pricing Model continues to go smoothly, and as I’ve mentioned before, it’s really thanks to the all the work that was done ahead of time by many people across the organization. This is a well thought out model, one that is already benefiting LSS and our residents.

Since the rollout, which took place June 1 when the pricing model was made available to new, incoming residents June 1, people who have higher acuity have been able to move into Assisted Living in our communities. We’re filling a need that our residents have been asking for: Extra assistance so they can stay in their homes in Assisted Living as long as possible. LSS Assisted Living residents, who were with us prior to June 1, 2019, will be included in the pricing model in January 2020.

Not only has this been good news for our residents but for staff as well. Thanks to the Expanded Care Service Plans, we can staff our communities based not only on census but also on need. So, if we know that at one community their residents need more help with the Activities of Daily Living, we know to provide staffing to meet that need. And with the additional income from the Expanded Care Service Plans, we’re able to provide the staffing that Assisted Living residents need.

I already felt this direction was the right one for LSS, our Assisted Living, and most importantly our residents. But in early September when I was attending the LeadingAge Missouri Conference and saw our team receive the award for Excellence in Service, it was a great validation of our work. Again, thank you to everyone who has been part of developing, launching, and implementing this important project.