And the Winner of the LSS Summer Walking Challenge is…

Drumroll please! The long-awaited day has finally arrived! The LSS Summer Walking Challenge results are in and the Richmond Terrace Rebels are the Winners!

Communities like Richmond Terrace and Lutheran Hillside Village were neck and neck throughout most of the challenge, while others like Lenoir Woods squeezed in during the last few weeks to pull off an amazing second place finish!

We had a lot of walkers with a total of 288 participants this year! Each community did very well and combined, we walked a total of 4,505,869 steps! That is 2,253 miles which is almost the entire width of Alaska!

Although the Summer Walking Challenge is over, we hope we will all continue to walk and move our bodies. There are so many great benefits from walking and we hope through the Challenge, that you were able to feel the benefits and desire to make living well a life-long pursuit!