Be Active Challenge

At the beginning of the month, we kicked off an LSS-wide wellness challenge to incorporate more activity in our lives. Throughout the Be Active Challenge we heard that it was the little changes that ended up making a big different.

“I made it a goal to consistently take mini-walks throughout the day. Not only did it get me up and moving about, but my step count increased and I felt more energized throughout the day.” 

“I set a timer on my computer to get up and move around every 30 minutes. Being active is small bursts is more difficult than it sounds! So many of us are glued to our computers for hours at a time!”

“I started listening to upbeat music while cooking. It keeps me moving in the kitchen and makes every evening a party in the kitchen!”

Participants were encouraged to increase actvity by making a conscious effort to park further away from a store entrance, taking the stairs instead of an elevator/escalator, or even walking during commercials while watching television. Other healthy habits are substituting a vegetable at lunch in place of chips, replacing rice with cauliflower rice, or adding fruit to your breakfast. Even through the challenge is over, you can still continue incorporating more activity into your daily routine.

Share your story! Did you change or add a healthy habit in this past month?