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February On-Site Wellness Events are Coming – Register Now!

​In February, on-site wellness screening events will be hosted throughout the LSS communities. On-site wellness screening registration is taking place now. Login to the SimplyWell portal at to make an appointment. If you haven’t completed a biometric screening since 9/1/18, now is the time to schedule an appointment. You must schedule your appointment for…

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A Kinder New Year’s Resolution

We’ve seen it all before. We’ve heard it all before – New Year’s resolutions for “a better you”. Exercise, eat healthy foods, drink alcohol in moderation (or not at all), and quit smoking. These are all physical things we can do to improve our health. Become a lover of fresh starts. So, for 2019, let’s…

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Communicating Project Status

Reporting project status is an important part of the project lifecycle and gives the LSS leadership team an opportunity to weigh-in on both the successes and challenges project teams are experiencing. Project status reporting gives the project team greater opportunities for engagement with management to announce their successes or seek guidance to help resolve their…

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2019 Annual Enrollment Video 2 – Medical

This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.

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