Changes in Relias Compliance Training

Why is compliance training so important??

  1. It protects our residents and clients
  2. It protects us and keeps us safe in the workplace
  3. It protects our organization 

Compliance training is extremely important in the work that we do.  Not only does it ensure that we are all educated on our important responsibilities in caring for our residents and clients and interacting with each other, it also helps to reduce our risk as an organization.  In order to make our LSS-wide Relias compliance training easier to complete by the assigned due dates, we have made the following changes:

  • Courses will be assigned on a quarterly basis rather than monthly to allow for flexibility in completion.  You can take each quarter’s courses all at one time or you can continue to take one per month.  Just make sure you get them done by the end of each quarter!
  • If you had any past-due courses, those have been removed from your assignments so you don’t need to go back and complete them.  We are all moving forward with a clean slate.

Important: Because compliance training is so critical, employees who are 60 days out of compliance will be subject to disciplinary action including being removed from the schedule and possible termination.

First Quarter Compliance Theme: Staying Safe

Taking care of our residents and clients starts with taking care of you!

Weird Fact: Did you know that babies are born with 33 individual vertebrae, but most of us end up with just 26?  While this is a natural occurrence of bones growing together, it also highlights the need for protecting those 26 that we have left!  Back injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries and most are preventable.  You’ll find “Back Injury Prevention” along with “Slips, Trips and Falls” assigned to you when you log into Relias.  Remember to complete these by March 31st!

As a reminder, your username for Relias is your employee number, and your password is your last name.  If you have issues accessing your training, please contact Macy Balsman in the Organizational Development department at 314.446.2449.