Christian Core Values in Action: Generous Hearts

At Lutheran Senior Services, our Christian Core Values are the guiding principles that shape our culture and inspire action towards our mission of Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest (based on John 10:10). Every day, we receive letters and emails from residents and their family members, sharing how they have been impacted by these Christian Core Values:

  • Being Faith Inspired to serve as Christ would serve
  • Prioritizing People First in my decisions and actions
  • Providing Service Excellence in all that we do
  • Wisely managing resources through Responsible Stewardship
  • Sharing our Generous Hearts with others through our gifts and talents

These values are lived out by many LSS staff members not only while they’re at work, but in their personal lives. Sarah Kaufmann, administrator of assisted living at Lutheran Hillside Village in Peoria, Illinois was recently recognized for her generous heart… or in this case, a generous kidney.

Sarah’s brother, Mark, needed a kidney transplant, and Sarah stepped up without hesitation. “The best thing we want is for him to be healthy,” said Kaufmann. They both say it was a decision that was never up for debate. It was never a question of why. Their hope is that people will want to take the step to be generous and donate because it can change someone’s life.

When we embody these Christian Core Values, they become second nature in our actions, benefitting everyone around us! Do you have a story of our Christian Core Values being displayed by a coworker? Send them to for inclusion in an upcoming LSSLink post!