Coming Soon: Wellness Screening Registration

Wellness screenings are back to help you save on insurance premiums in 2020. Starting July 1st, you can register for your biometric screening. Whether you plan to screen at an LSS on-site event or offsite at a participating Quest lab, you must schedule your appointment through the SimplyWell portal at LSS employees and spouses enrolled in medical benefits since July 1, 2019, or earlier should participate now to receive discounted premiums begin January 1, 2020.

​In August, on-site screening events will be hosted throughout LSS where your screening will be done via finger-stick. At on-site events, you will receive immediate results and have the opportunity talk with a health coach. Appointments for on-site screenings must be made at least two weeks in advance. Online registration will close two weeks before each event. If you miss the deadline for making an appointment, walk-ins can be accepted but are not guaranteed to be seen.

If you’d prefer to screen offsite at a participating Quest lab, you may do so through a venipuncture blood draw. Results will be mailed to you within 10 business days. Although you don’t need to schedule offsite appointments two weeks in advance, you must still schedule your appointment through the SimplyWell portal.

A new, third screening option is also being offered. It will allow you to submit your own physician lab results as long as they’re dated July 1, 2019, or later. Please note that you may incur out of pocket costs that you will be responsible for if you choose this option. To use this option, log into your SimplyWell portal and select the “Physician Results” form. Further instructions can be found under the Profile and Resources tab.

Remember: Fasting for nine to 12 hours is required for all biometric screening. You must at least complete a biometric screening and a member health assessment (MHA) to receive insurance discounts in 2020.

To register for the first time on the SimplyWell portal and/or app:

  • Select Register
  • Enter your last name and date of birth (DOB)
  • Enter your identifier:

◦Employee: 6-digit Employee Number, including leading zeros (example 012345)

◦Spouses: 6-digit Employee Number (including any leading zeros) + S (example 012345S)

  • Enter the registration code: LSSwellness
  • Then follow the prompts to complete registration

Talk to your HR Director or visit for on-site screening event dates throughout LSS under “Wellness” section of our LSS benefits website.