Committees and Workgroups and Project Teams, Oh My!

Have you ever been confused about the differences between committees, workgroups, and project teams? This article provides an introduction for each and will give some insight on how they function in concert at LSS.

LSS utilizes committees to make key decisions that impact the organization at various levels. Committees conduct and monitor much of the strategic work that occurs at LSS. A committee can only do what the organization asks it to do; it cannot act independently of LSS. However, if a committee originates an idea that it feels will benefit the organization, it can bring that idea to the Strategy Steering Committee comprised of LSS Senior Leadership.

Workgroups on the other hand are sub-groups of a committee. They are appointed by the committee chair to work on a specialized component of the overall committee. Workgroups often utilize subject matter experts who are acknowledged for their work with the specific workgroup, but do not become members of the workgroup’s parent committee. Workgroups are responsible for making recommendations for Big-bet and Cross-cutting decisions (for more information on decision types, click on the image below and go to the section titled – Decision Categories found on page 15). The Workgroup’s Chair will then provide those recommendations to the committee for review.

Some decisions made by committees require the creation of a project team to implement the decision. Project teams are led by a Project Manager from the Innovation, Project Coordination, and Decision Support (IPCDS) team. Project teams are small groups of people brought together to accomplish a specific objective, with the expectation that the group will disband when the objective has been completed. Project teams are responsible for executing both Big-bet and Cross-cutting decisions made by a committee.

For more information on how committees, workgroups, and project teams function, click on the image below to access our Project Management Office (PMO) Handbook and go to the section titled A Guide to LSS Committees, Work Groups, and Project Teams found on page 17.