Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

Barbecue, sunshine, fresh produce are just a few great things about summertime. Unfortunately, there’s one not so great thing too – the heat! Stay indoors and in air conditioning during the heat of the day and make sure to drink plenty of clear fluids are common guidelines we should all be following during these hot months. But here are some creative ways to beat the heat this summer:
Give your feet an ice bath
The soles of your feet are especially sensitive to temperature, cool off by dipping your feet into a bowl of ice water.
Cool your pulse points
Run cold water or hold ice on your wrists. 
Eat small meals
Digestion raises your body’s core temperature. Small light meals are easier for your body to digest.
Cuddle a cold water bottle
Use your hot water bottle from this winter to keep cool by filling with ice instead of hot water.
Lighten up your wardrobe
Light colors and lightweight, breathable fabrics reflect the sun and increase airflow.
Chill your lotion
Place body or hand lotion in your fridge for cool relief when you’re moisturizing.