Core Values? Mission Statement? Vision Statements? What do they all mean?

To explain the difference between core values, mission statements, and vision statements, put on your imagination hat and start thinking about football.

First think of the stadium. People come to the football stadium to see a football game. They would be very confused if they bought a ticket, showed up, and found a hockey rink on the field. In fact, they might feel like they’ve been duped.

A mission statement is the same. It tells people what to expect from an organization. For Lutheran Senior Services it’s “Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest.” When people come to us, they’ll find service and programs that support that statement. Anything outside of that mission statement is outside of our stadium and not a part of our focus.

For football players, their ultimate vision is in winning the Superbowl and holding that trophy over their head. It’s what everyone of the team is working towards. Lutheran Senior Services has three vision statements that we’re always working towards:

  • The love of Jesus Christ can be seen and recognized in all that we are and do, and inspires us to reach out to older adults and their families.
  • The older adults we serve will experience the highest possible care and quality of life through an expanding network of supportive services and communities.
  • A continued sound financial structure will ensure stability, support a highly qualified workforce, provide benevolent care, and encourage future ministry expansion.

So now think of all the players on the field. In a good team, everyone is working from the same playbook. While they might have different jobs (the tacklers block, the running backs go deep), they all know how to act as a part of the team.

That’s what core values do. They underlie our work and the strategies that we use to fulfill our mission. At Lutheran Senior Services we have Christian Core Values because they’re based on the example Jesus set for us in the Bible. They are:

 Faith Inspired – We are Faith Inspired to serve as Christ would serve.

 People First – We prioritize People First in our decisions and actions.

 Service Excellence – We promote Service Excellence in all that we do.

 Responsible Stewardship – We wisely manage our resources with Responsible Stewardship.

 Generous Hearts – We share our Generous Hearts with others through our gifts and talents.

Together, with the Christian Mission, Vision Statements, and Christian Core values, we are making an impact in the lives of older adults!