Email Signature Changes

A small but important change is coming to LSS email. Beginning in June, all email signatures will be uniform, regardless of the community, program, or location of the sender. A stacked Lutheran Senior Services logo will replace the one-line version (currently used by those in the home office), as well as the community versions (used by all other employees). The Facebook, United Way, Housing images, and “St. Louis’s Healthiest” logos, previously used on all email signatures, will be removed. Your work location will be listed with your employee contact information below your name, like this:

Employee Name | Employee Title
LSS Location |Address of LSS Location | City, State, Zip |
ph 000.000.0000

Why the changes? Several reasons:

  • Transmission time has been an issue with LSS emails, partly due to the loading of multiple images. The new uniform signature will streamline the process, helping your emails get where they’re going faster.
  • Some LSS employees actually work for a different department or division than their location or community would indicate. In the past, pairing up the employee email signature with the appropriate location has been labor intensive for IT. The new email signature will eliminate the need for work-arounds by IT and eliminate confusion, as the sender’s office location will be identified in the type block rather than the logo.
  • With every email comes another opportunity to leverage the LSS master brand. The new email signature will proudly display the Lutheran Senior Services logo AND the name of the sender’s community or location. Identifying both the organization and the communities will help us build brand equity with our business partners, families, churches, and prospective residents.

From the standpoint of efficiency, communication, and branding, the new uniform email signature is a way for us to work smarter as an organization. Watch for the new signature coming soon to a computer/tablet/mobile device near you!