Ethics Action Line

You may have seen a sticker on your phone that says “Ethics Action Line” with a phone number. Either 314.446.2445 or 877.363.1211

The Ethics Action Line is part of the compliance program at LSS and is a direct line to the Corporate Compliance Officer. It is a method to anonymously report any good-faith belief of unethical or questionable conduct you may see occurring at LSS.

LSS has a long-standing commitment to ethical business conduct and doing the right thing. As part of that commitment, LSS encourages all staff to report suspicious activity and provides the Ethics Action Line as a means to do so. All reports to the Ethics Action Line are kept confidential and LSS policy prohibits any retaliation for good-faith reports.

Reports received through the Ethics Action Line are investigated by the Corporate Compliance Officer and corrective action taken as necessary. These reports are further reviewed by the Corporate Compliance Committee, which provides additional input when appropriate.