Find a New Way to Work – Commuter Benefits with LSS

​If you don’t have a car or easy access to one, there are numerous alternative ways you can get to work! And now – Lutheran Senior Services is partnering with RideFinders and Citizens for Modern Transit to give extra perks to those who use or try these methods!

Try RideFinders and you can carpool or vanpool to work to save money, lower stress, reduce traffic, and improve air quality. RideFinders provides a ride matching service for commuters to share the ride to and from work. Plus, carpoolers and vanpoolers can receive four free $125 taxi rides home annually in case of an emergency.


Use public transportation, walk, or bike to get to work. With a “Guaranteed Ride Home” LSS employees will be reimbursed 80% of the cost of a cab ride, ride-hailing ride such as Lyft or Uber, or Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental up to $60, up to four times a year in case of an emergency.


“Try and Ride” public transportation. If you’ve never tried using public transportation before, Citizens for Modern Transit makes it easy by offering those who sign up receive a personalized transit route, complimentary tickets for the first month, and registration in the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Find more information with the pdf links below.