For LSSLink Members and Owners: How to Add a Quick Link

Adding Quick links to Team and Welcome sites help users navigate more efficiently by providing easy access to frequently used areas. Anyone with Member or Owner level access to a site can add a quick link.

1.  To add a Quick Link, find the web address for the website or file you’re linking to:

a.  If you’re linking to a website, navigate to that website in Internet Explorer, then copy the web address from the address bar at the top of the screen

b.  If you’re linking to a file or folder on LSSLink, navigate to where that document lives on LSSLink, then click the three dots next to the file name (“…”) Copy the web address out of the window that pops up

2.  Then navigate to the Quick Link area you would like to modify and click the header that says Quick Links

3.  On the new screen, click “+New Link”

4.  Enter the web address in the top line. (ex. “”)

Note: make sure to erase the “HTTP:// out of that box before you paste in your address”

5.  Under “Type the Description,” enter what you want the linked text to read in the Quick links section (ex: “Google”)

6.  Hit Save

If you have any questions, or need other IT assistance, please contact the Helpdesk at 314-446-2400 or