Give the Gift of Time:Donate unused PTO to help fellow LSS employees

The PTO Donation Bank has more requests than PTO hours available! Please consider making a donation and help other LSS employees in times of need by providing a compassionate transfer of Paid Time Off (PTO) to the PTO Donation Bank.

The PTO Donation Bank allows employees to donate a portion of their unused PTO hours to other eligible employees who have a serious health condition or have an immediate family member for whom they provide care.

If you would like to make a donation of accrued and unused paid time off, use the PTO Bank – Donation Form.docx

You may also make a donation to a specific recipient using the PTO Coworker-to-Coworker Transfer Form.docx.

Please note that the amount of PTO hours you donate to a specific employee needs to be matched by a donation to the general PTO Bank. Example: If you are transferring 10 hours to a specific coworker, you must also donate an additional 10 hours to the general PTO Bank, for a total of 20 PTO hours. All transfers of PTO will be reviewed and are subject to approval.

To read the policy in its entirety with details of eligibility,
go to: LSS-HR-101-5 Paid Time Off (PTO).docx

Donating some of your PTO hours is a simple way to bless the lives of others. In return, your heart will be gladdened knowing you have made a difference by giving the gift of time.

Bring Relief. Bring Support. Bring Hope.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Director