Hip with HIPAA: Searching for Residents by Medical Record in myUnity

Each resident, guest, or patient in Vision is assigned a unique Medical Record Number (MRN). When communicating about a resident, especially in email, it is important to safeguard the Protected Health Information (PHI) of the resident in compliance with HIPAA rules. PHI includes any individually identifiable information – like the resident’s name. Using the MRN instead helps protect the privacy of those in our care.

Know their name, but not their MRN?

  • Search for the resident in Vision by their name by clicking “find resident” and typing their last name into the search box. The MRN will be in parenthesis next to their name. 
  • If you already have the resident pulled up, you can look in the Resident Ribbon as well. The MRN is in parenthesis next to the resident’s name, near their photo. 


Know the Medical Record Number, but not the name?

  • Click the same “Find Resident” button as before, but this time select Advanced Search at the bottom. 
  • Then, enter the Medical Record Number in the Internal ID field 
  • Click SEARCH at the bottom, and you will have found your resident!

Are you a Mobile View user?

If you use Mobile View, you can still find the MRN of any patient.

When in the My Patients screen, hover your mouse over the patient without clicking. A small window will come up that displays the MRN. In this case, it is called a Patient ID.

The difference between Medical Record Number and Admission ID

Every resident in Vision has one Medical Record Number. However, each resident could have multiple admission IDs.

Admission IDs identify each line of service the resident has ever received. One resident could have multiple admission IDs. These are the numbers in the drop-down in the resident ribbon that let you switch between admissions.

The important thing to know about admission IDs is that you cannot search by them. So if you send an email to the Helpdesk, asking for assistance with the chart for resident BPCC-29269, there is no way to find out who you are referring to. Any easy way to remember is that there should be no letters in the Medical Record Number.

Whenever you email the Helpdesk, it is preferred that you use the Medical Record Number if you are reporting an issue that is specific to a certain resident’s chart. Unfortunately, there is no way to look up the MRN in Touchscreen. If you are a CNA and need to open a ticket, please ask for the MRN from your nurse, supervisor, or someone else with full Vision access.

As always, if you have IT questions or concerns, please contact the Helpdesk at 314-446-2400 or helpdesk@lssliving.org.