How to Call Your Representative

You have sent your letter to your legislator about the Medicaid crisis, and want to do more. Activists of all political stripes recommend not only writing letters to legislators, but calling them. A phone call from a constituent can be very effective. Even if you do not speak directly to the lawmaker, staff members often pass the message along in one form or another. You have a much better chance of having your call get through if you can relate a personal story of a senior impacted by the Medicaid issue. Make the call brief and concise in order to be respectful of the many calls received.

Tips to Get Started

Find the phone number for your lawmaker using the “Legislator Contacts” section at

When you call, reference the name of your elected official, even if you are talking to his/her legislative aide. Read one or more of the following key points:

  • Missouri is providing inadequate support for Skilled Nursing Medicaid.
  • Missouri is reimbursing Skilled Nursing Medicaid at a level $25 below the amount that its own formula stipulates it should pay!
  • Missouri pays 1/3 less toward Medicaid than its neighboring states.

If you have a personal story, share it with your lawmaker or his/her legislative aide! Our state’s leaders need to understand the severity of the Medicaid issue!