How to Write Your Representative

With the recent Medicaid crisis, the most direct way of impacting our legislators is through a letter writing campaign. Democracy is about sharing opinions and making sure legislators have the information they need to make decisions. The more letters legislators receive, the more important the Medicaid issue will become to them. Letters can be very effective in influencing legislators’ views. Keep the letters brief and to the point. If possible, address how the Medicaid issue will directly impact the seniors we know and care about.

FAQs about contacting your legislator

Q: How do I address the state’s legislators?
A: When writing your representative: In the address block, refer to your state representative as “The Honorable [John Doe]. In the opening of your letter, address your representative as [Mr./Ms. Doe.]

When writing your senator, address them as Senator [John Doe], both in the address block and in the opening of your letter.

Q: How do I know where to send my letters and emails?
A: Go to the “Legislator Contact” section to find your legislator’s contact information. If you live at a Lutheran Senior Services Community, you should use the senator and representative for that community.

Q: Will my voice be heard?
A: YES. Loud and clear! Representatives don’t hear from their constituents as much as they would like to! Handwritten letters get read the most, so consider writing a letter by hand on your own stationery if you are able.

More Information

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