Interactive Health Wellness Success Stories: Joseph

Have you heard of Interactive Health? Lutheran Senior Services partners with them so that you can take advantage of supportive programs, wellness initiatives, and even health coaching. But does it work? 

Joseph Gentry, LSS MDS Coordinator, thinks so. He received a wake-up call from Interactive Health that changed his course of health.

Before taking advantage of the programs Interactive Health offers, Joseph was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol, and a personal health score classifying him as high risk. He would eat fast food multiple times during the week and drink two 32-ounce bottles of Mountain Dew a day. He was never an active person, being not able to ride a bike for more than 600 yards before experiencing excruciating back pain.

After a health screening, Interactive Health reached out to Joseph and said that based on his recent results, he needed to see his personal physician for immediate action. Joseph knew it was time to make a significant change in his life.

First, he talked to those he worked with to get information on how to change his lifestyle. He started with joining LSS’ wellness program. Then by using free employee assistance programs that offered health information including Interactive Health. Joseph also enrolled at a local gym, even receiving a discount for being an LSS employee!

And now? In a little over a year, Joseph has lost 107 pounds. He no longer is pre-diabetic or has high cholesterol and has improved his personal health score by 40 points. He’s cut out fast food and soda, plus he visits the gym five times a week. He even invested in a health tracker that lets him know exactly where he is in meeting his goals. “Besides the weight loss, my greatest accomplishment is being able to ride a bike for 10 to 20 miles,” says Joseph. “My life is different and so much better now.”

If you’re looking to have results like Joseph, you can! Contact Interactive Health at 1.800.840.6100 for more information and free resources!