Interactive Health Wellness Success Stories: Sonja

Sonja Belle is a Human Resources Generalist at Mason Pointe who participated in the LSS annual health evaluation for the first time earlier this year. She gives a big thanks to Interactive Health and their team for one of the most important (and shocking) phone calls she has ever received. Because of the health screening Sonja participated in January 2017, the rest of her 2017 has been nothing short of determination and inspiration.

Flashback to the beginning of this year when Sonja completed her first health screening. She knew of some health concerns that ran in her family, but she was not aware of any health concerns with herself- or so she thought. From the testing results, Sonja found out that she had high blood pressure and high ‘bad’ cholesterol. Interactive Health had called Sonja in regards to her concerning test results. She was advised to visit her primary physician as soon as possible. If it was not for her participation in this health evaluation, Sonja would not have known of these risk factors and her conditions could have worsened.

After meeting with her physician and going over healthy lifestyle changes, Sonja has dropped 16 pounds since February, is in normal range for cholesterol levels, and her blood pressure is normal. With the support and help from Interactive Health, her personal physician, and a co-worker, Sonja has a whole new mindset on a healthy lifestyle. She eats more fruits and vegetables, grills and broils lean meats and fish, limits (but not eliminate) her intake on chips and sweets, and chooses healthier options when eating out. However, the biggest change of all comes from the very start of her day. Prior to the health screening, Sonja’s breakfast used to consist of candy and a soda. Now, she chooses variety and wholesome foods for her breakfast such as egg wraps, oatmeal, turkey and eggs, or a meal replacement shake. In addition to her healthy diet, Sonja exercises five days during the week at 4:00 AM, a lifestyle change that resulted from the health screening. Talk about determination and motivation!

When asked what advice you would give someone who is going through a similar experience, Sonja had this to share: “To live longer, you have to change your lifestyle. Be creative and make it fun. It is all in moderation, you just have to make that change. Also, learn your family’s history. Know what it is.”