Introducing our Christian Core Values, a Message from John Kotovsky

Dear LSS Family,

At the heart of our ministry is our Christian Mission – Older Adults Living Life to Fullest (John 10:10). But how we live out that mission is through core values. Core values are those values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves in pursuit of our mission.

At Lutheran Senior Services we call our core values “Christian Core Values,” because they’re based on the example Jesus set for us in the Bible. Having Christian Core Values is not new to Lutheran Senior Services. We’ve always had them but we haven’t necessarily done a great job of consistently reinforcing them.

That’s going to change starting today!

Over the next few months we’re not only going to be focusing on each of the Christian Core Values, but we’re also going to be hearing from employees (just like you!) on how they see them lived out each day. Plus we’ve got a lot of other fun things planned to celebrate our Christian Core Values throughout the year.

So what are these Christian Core Values? They are:

Faith Inspired
We are Faith Inspired to serve as Christ would serve.

People First
We prioritize People First in our decisions and actions.

Service Excellence
We promote Service Excellence in all that we do.

Responsible Stewardship
We wisely manage our resources with Responsible Stewardship.

Generous Hearts
We share our Generous Hearts with others through our gifts and talents.


The best part of these Christian Core Values is that you are already doing a great job of living them out! In the past few weeks I’ve visited several of our LSS locations, and have seen them displayed firsthand.

So what can you do right now?

  1. Print off the PDF (linked below) that feature the Christian Core Values and hang it somewhere where you can see it.
  2. Quiz yourself and those around you! Make it into a game and get residents involved.
  3. Share how you see the Christian Core Values in action. If you have a great story surrounding our Christian Core Values, send an email to I’ll be sharing your inspirational story with others as an example!

You are an important part of our Christian Mission and Christian Core Values! I’m excited to read and hear your stories all in support of older adults!


Download Christian Core Values PDF