Know Your Health and Save Money!

Have you completed your annual biometric wellness screening and your Member Health Assessment questionnaire? If not, you can do that any time you’d like. And if you’re enrolled in LSS medical benefits, doing these steps will save you money on premiums.

It’s easy to earn the full 100 points for the greatest premium discounts. First, log into the SimplyWell portal at and make sure to complete your Member Health Assessment questionnaire if you haven’t. Then register to complete a biometric screening. You can register to screen at any participating Quest Lab or to bring a form to your physician and have them run the required labs. 

If you get your biometric results back and they aren’t in the healthy range or they’re not improved over your last LSS screening, you can still earn the full discount! Just visit your physician and share your results using the “Physician Engagement” form. Have your doctor complete it to confirm that you’re under their care for those metrics.

By knowing about your health, you’re in a better position to manage your health. And not only are you able to save money on your insurance premiums by participating in this process but you’re also helping all of LSS save on health insurance. People who don’t know they have a health concern contribute to increases in health insurance costs when those small health issues turn into bigger, more costly conditions. Knowing about your own health and visiting a physician if you have any needs for improvement keeps you healthy and saves everyone costs. So, take the steps to know your health (and start saving) now.