Finding Peace Wherever Home May Be: LHV REACH Guest Pens Poem About Experience

At any LSS REACH Short Stay Rehabilitation, we have numerous REACH guests who join us as they recover from a hospital stay or illness through speech, occupation, physical, or respiratory therapy.

While these guests are normally only with us for a short period of time before going home, we do everything we can to make their stay comfortable. And it shows!

One of our most recent REACH guests from Lutheran Hillside Village in Peoria, Illinois wrote the following poem about his experience.

Home for Now
By Clarence S.

Singing a little song I know
Sitting by my window
I had a thought or two
If you don’t mind, I share with you

The clouds are drifting across the sky
The planes are flying oh so high
They brought me to this lovely place
It has a warm and welcoming face

We drove up, didn’t know anyone
So I just enjoyed the sun
Soon a knock upon the door
Said this place you will adore

This is your home someone said
How precious to be so led
So it was from dawn till sun
Until the day was finally done

How much better can it be?
I don’t know, let’s wait and see
Well I don’t need to further go
This home really steals the show

Thank you to everyone who works within REACH! This poem is only one example of the many ways that you live out our Christian mission of Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest!