LSS First Senior Living Provider to Participate in Carequality

Announced today, Lutheran Senior Services has become the first Senior Living Provider in the nation to exchange data using Carequality. Carequality is an initiative that allows real-time, on-demand sharing of health data within different Electronic Health Records.

“Being able to do this as a Senior Living Provider puts us on the same page many acute-care Hospital Systems (like SSM, OSF, and Mercy) have been for years,” says Michael George, Director of Information Technology. “This was a huge team effort including those of Cathy Linders, Dave Piehl, Grace Houchins, Melissa Short, and Beth Draganic. And it’s just another example of how our innovation is making an impact in the lives of those we serve.”


Netsmart Client Is Industry’s First Senior Living Provider Live on Carequality

LSS exchanging bidirectional data with SSM Health

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Oct. 4, 2018— Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) is the first senior living organization in the U.S. to exchange bidirectional clinical data with its local acute care partner SSM Health through the Carequality interoperability framework, of which Netsmart is a founding member and live implementer. The St. Louis-based senior living and post-acute care provider is leveraging the powerful Netsmart network and electronic health record (EHR) to make their organization efficient. The Netsmart network now has the largest community of connected post-acute and human services providers with more than 5 million transactions each month.

LSS is successfully exchanging health data from its Netsmart EHR with local acute care provider SSM Health, who uses Epic Systems’ EHR solutions. The bi-directional sharing of information between the organizations allows for data to be queried across providers, coordinating better care for the individuals in both facilities.

“It’s exciting when we can collaborate with our provider partners to bring reliable tools and practices that allow seamless integration with Epic,” said Kam Jasti, director, Value-Based Care and Interoperability for SSM Health. “By exchanging relevant clinical data through connections like Carequality, we collectively enable our patients to receive the best care possible as they transition between healthcare settings. As a result, it becomes more of a natural extension of their SSM Health care.”

Carequality is a collaborative of healthcare IT providers that establishes unified health data sharing for providers in all healthcare communities. The framework supports an efficient exchange of information that enhances workflows and impacts outcomes. Through the powerful Netsmart network, LSS now has instant access to critical clinical information that can save time and improve transitions of care through enhanced referral management and care coordination.

This exchange of information ensures that the right information gets to the right people at the right time, from referral staff to clinicians. This creates an impact that not only helps improve the speed and accuracy of referrals and admissions but also improves the time it takes for an individual to begin receiving care, making the transfer process much simpler.

“It’s a true value in partnership when we can rely on our provider partners, like Netsmart, to contribute and bring the best tools and practices to the table,” said Josh King, LSS vice president of information technology. “By being able to exchange relevant clinical data through connections like Carequality, we collectively provide the best opportunity for our shared patients to receive the highest quality care possible as they transition between healthcare settings.”

For Netsmart, this successful integration between LSS and SSM Health further solidifies its mission to connect and unite providers across the full healthcare continuum. Carequality framework enables the healthcare IT partner to align post-acute providers in utilizing electronic health data exchange for transitioning to value-based care and in preparation for regulatory changes in 2019.

“It’s been humbling to see the progress made over the last few years, we congratulate other software vendors on starting their journey so we can collectively achieve true care coordination,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine.

“Our behavioral health clients have already experienced tremendous benefits from this exchange of data, and we’re excited to see the benefits extend to our post-acute clients. As we continue our drive to connect all healthcare settings, we’re putting power in the hands of our clients everywhere to transform how we approach and provide healthcare.”