LSS Link Highlights: Most Used Form

DID YOU KNOW: There is an area on LSSLink specifically designed to create easy access to forms commonly used throughout all of LSS.

If you go to the blue navigation bar and hover over Forms, you will see “MOST-USED LSS FORMS” at the very top.

This will take you to a page that lists a variety of forms for various purposes.

  • Need to be reimbursed for some mileage? Try the 2018 Mileage Form
  • Did an employee slip and fall at work? Check out the Safety and Worker’s Comp Form section
  • Have an agency nurse working tomorrow and need to request Vision access? There’s easy access to the Non-LSS Vision Access Request form
  • Need a clean copy of resident forms, such as the Consent to Treat, Authorization for Release of Health Information, or Influenza Vaccine Consent? Try the HIM Forms link.
  • Have an employee that is transferring to another community? Or maybe a staff member is need of a new laptop? Perhaps you have new staff starting, and you want to make sure they have all of the access they will need for their new position? Then the IT Request Form is for you!
  • Is an employee leaving the company? The Employee Separation form is a very important part of the offboarding process!

Take a look around a familiarize yourself with all of the great resources just one click away.

Have an idea about a form that should be added to this section? Send your thoughts to Be sure to mention that you have a suggestion for the Most-Used LSS Forms page on LSSLink!