Medicaid Action Alert

To all LSS employees –

According to Missouri’s own formula, it costs $178 per day to provide care for each of its skilled nursing Medicaid residents. But the state pays only $153, leaving a shortfall of $25 in the per diem rate. The effects of this shortfall cannot be overstated. Missouri is failing in its obligation to its most frail senior citizens. If something is not done to reverse the course, care levels for skilled nursing may be compromised, and some nursing homes may ultimately be forced to close. As the Missouri budget is presented this month, I will do everything in my power to advocate for those affected by this critical budget gap.

I would like your help. In the coming weeks, I will be joining other leaders in the senior living industry to write letters to Missouri’s lawmakers. I will also be presenting town hall meetings at each of Missouri’s LSS communities to share talking points so that seniors may reach out to their legislators as well. As an LSS employee, I urge you to write your own letter. All of our voices need to be heard in Jefferson City!

Please understand that Missouri’s Medicaid reimbursement is not a partisan issue. It is a moral one. Our state is neglecting a population that we are all called to serve. For us to ignore the needs of those who raised us and educated us is absolutely unthinkable.

It is also an embarrassment. Missouri’s surrounding states seem to “get it,” paying on average about three times as much as Missouri does each day for every skilled nursing resident within their borders.

This is no time for Missourians to be silent. Please consider sending a letter to your legislator demanding s(he) vote to increase the Medicaid budget for 2018.  Specifically, ask for an increase to meet the $178 per day per resident that the State’s own formula stipulates.

You can access a sample letter, talking points, and legislators’ contact information by district via the Medicaid landing page on our website – In order to have the most impact, please verify your precinct before addressing your letter. The more people who contact our state’s leaders, the greater the impact will be. Please send your letter by January 26.

On behalf of all of Missouri’s older adults, I thank you. The Medicaid crisis is real, but the solution is one that should come quite naturally to all of us at LSS. By advocating for Missouri’s seniors, we help them live life to the fullest.


John Kotovsky

President & CEO