Medical Dependent Eligibility Verification

Lutheran Senior Services provides medical coverage for employees and their dependents as well. A dependent can be:

  • A spouse as recognized under the laws of the state where the employee lives.
  • Children, including natural children, stepchildren, legally adopted children, children covered under a “Qualified Medical Child Support Order”, and children for whom the subscriber or the subscriber’s spouse is a legal guardian.
  • Children may be covered through the end of the month in which they attain the age of 26. They may retain coverage beyond 26 years if the dependent is already enrolled, unmarried, and unable to support him- or herself due to physical or mental handicap.

As you heard about during the Annual Enrollment period, a “Dependent Audit” is being conducted to make sure that your paperwork matches our records. Beginning on February 28th, all employees with dependents covered on an LSS medical plan will receive a Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV) Package in the mail at their home. Employees will need to provide appropriate documentation to verify that each of their dependent(s) is eligible for plan coverage.

There will be a lot more information in the packets as well as instructions for verifying dependents. Please reach out to an HR representative with questions.

Important Dates

February 28   All employees with dependents covered on an LSS medical plan will be mailed a Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV) Package to their home.

April 10   Deadline to submit verification or changes for each dependent

May 15    Coverage ends for unverified dependents