Mission Mailbag for Laclede Groves & Meridian Village!

We get letters from residents and their family members all the time. It’s a testament to how our mission is impacting lives! Have you received a letter you’d like to share? Send your letters to Nancy Robinson at Nancy.Robinson@LSSLiving.org.


To the Staff at Laclede Groves Senior Living Community,

I want to thank you for the care, community, and love that you provided to my mother in the 7 years she lived at Lacelde Groves. She loved her time in Laclede Commons, Eads Bridge, and Laclede’s Landing. The fellowship and love provided was truly amazing. My mother passed away on April 4 in hospice care provided in Laclede’s Landing. Her memorial service at the chapel was a beautiful tribute to her life.

Sincerely with love,




Dear Rev. Brad and all the other dear people at Meridian Village,

Our family can’t thank you enough for the love, care, support, and encouragement you showed Dad, Bob Green, and our family while Dad lived at Meridian Village.

Dad lived in several of the communities at Meridian – Reach, Vintage Gardens and Hummingbird Lane.  He got to meet so many wonderful people and experience the different living styles.  It seemed whatever Dad needed physically or mentally, Meridian offered just the right place for him.

Thank you also for the beautiful book, Hope in the Dark.  The personal notes in it from Meridian friends are comforting.  The book’s stories, quotes and verses have been encouraging as we deal with the loss of Dad.  We miss him so much.

We miss all of you at Meridian Village too.  You have made a challenging time in our lives much easier and filled with hope.

The Family of Bob Greene
(Missy & Rich Walker and Gordon & Janet Green)