Mission Mailbag for St. Joseph’s Bluffs and Richmond Terrace

​We got mail! One of the joys of working for LSS is seeing and hearing about the positive impact Lutheran Senior Services continually has on its residents and their families. Don’t forget to forward any future letters you may receive to Nancy Robinson.

To Karole Jones, Clinical Liaison at St. Joseph’s Bluffs:

Dear Ms. Jones,

I sincerely think you for the get-well card I received from you the other day. I’m certain you are aware of the length of time I spent with lodging and medical treatment at St. Joseph’s Bluffs, and the injuries sustained before my arrival. During my stay from the months of April through May, I received only the best of services from everyone there. The medical staff assigned to me was outstanding. I have never received finer after-surgery care elsewhere.

It is my intention to return to the Bluff’s REACH if I’m ever in need again. I will also freely recommend your community to anyone in need of the best possible care.

Thank you,

James T.


To Kent Kirkwood, Executive Director Lenoir Woods, Heisinger Bluffs, and St. Joseph’s Bluffs:

Mr. Kirkwood,

I would like to recognize an employee of St. Joseph’s Bluffs who went way beyond EXCELLENT customer service this past weekend.

My mom has been a rehab patient with St. Joseph’s for about two weeks now. This past Friday, my grandma was admitted to the hospital with urosepsis, and to be honest we did not know if she was going to make it. After speaking with my dad early Sunday morning, I called to St. Joe’s and asked if there was any way they could possibly get my mom over to CRMC to see my grandma. I called twice and both times the staff was great, and the second time the lady told me they were waiting for the regular scheduled nurse to come in and that they would talk about how to make it happen, because they had not done this before.

At 11:30am my mom called me and said they were loading her up in the patient transport van and taking her to see my grandma. Both my mom and grandma were thrilled that your staff made this happen. When speaking with my dad about how happy my grandma was to see her, he said her eyes shined brighter than they had in a few days. My dad went on to say that Mr. Doug Wieberg came in on his day off and from working his cows, JUST to take my mom to see my grandma. To me and my family that was extraordinary. He did not have to come in on his day off and take time from what he was doing. He is truly a wonderful person who knows what caring is all about. I hope that he can somehow be recognized as an EXCELLENT employee….because to us he was a shining star in what was a very long weekend.

Laura S.


To the Staff at Richmond Terrace:

Dear Liza,

This morning I was talking with Betty’s daugther who was visiting from Idaho. She wanted to let me know how wonderful Richmond Terrace has been to her mother. She has been to many different communities like ours, and nothing compares to the service and the kindness that the staff has shown at Richmond Terrace. She said that her mother is so happy, and they made the right choice having her live here.

She asked me to pass this along to all of Richmond Terrace.

Cindy Palme | Office Assistant