Mission Mailbag – With Thanks and Praise

Our Christian Mission of Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest is the forefront of what we do. We get to know our residents and clients on a personal level and they in turn get to know us. Some of us have even experienced meaningful relationships that have lasted years.

LSS regularly receives the praises of staff members from the residents themselves, their family members, and friends who are deeply thankful for the way in which we provide service excellence. In a resident’s passing, family members especially reach out and share heartfelt words to our mission and those who daily put it into action.

It is a reminder that the care we provide never goes unnoticed and always makes a difference.


Dear Meridian Village,

My mother, Delores, passed away on Nov. 15. She spent her last 13 years residing at Meridian Village, first in Independent Living, then Assisted Living, and for the last year in Vintage Gardens.

During her life at Meridian, Mom encountered many fine staff members. But we are writing now to especially commend four people who stand out for their excellence in caring for Mom in her final year. The four are Jaclyn “Jackie”, Misty, Amanda, and the Rev. Thomas. We are grateful for their professionalism, attentiveness, and kindness toward Mom and her family.

Jackie and Misty gently tended to Mom’s medical and comfort needs and often took time to talk with her, even though they were busy and she could barely hear. We trusted their insights about how Mom was doing. Amanda patiently drew Mom into social activities. Because she cared, she went to check on Mom the morning of Nov. 15 and was with her when she drew her last breath.

Rev. Thomas visited Mom earlier that morning. He had come to know her as a faithful Lutheran and a regular participant in his services over the years. After her death, he prayed with our family, sat with us, and helped us know what steps to take next. We asked him to officiate at a memorial service at Meridian and also at the burial in New Douglas. He did a beautiful job at both, and we will be forever grateful.

These four staff members are truly dedicated caregivers. We hope you recognize that they are a valuable asset to Meridian. Please forward our words of heartfelt appreciation to them.


Arthur and Linda E.


Dear Laclede Groves,

My mother passed away on October 21 – it was so shockingly fast and unexpected. Hospice was there and they were incredible but everyone on the 1st floor of the Crossing deserves the most praise and gratitude. Please know how deeply grateful I am for everyone’s careful, attentive, and constant care of my mom.

My daily anxiety about her status was only eased by knowing that the wonderful women and men on that unit were caring for her. Special thanks to those I know best: Annetta, Halina, Meza, Jennifer, Caralynn, and Otha. You have made a profound impact on many families. I will miss everyone.

With gratitude and respect,



Dear Kind and Compassionate caregivers of Laclede Groves,

My sisters, brother, and I wanted to thank you once again for your exceptional care and concern for our sister, Elizabeth during the years she spent with you. We found your staff to be attentive and responsive to Libby and to be ever gentle and helpful in accommodating her needs. Best of all, Libby herself loved the staff and only spoke of praise with praise and affection.

While we can never thank you enough for all you did for Libby, we would like to make a contribution to Laclede in Libby’s name in grateful appreciation for all your many kindnesses to her.

If you’ve received a letter or email that you would like to share, send an email to Betsy Snyder at Betsy.Snyder@LSSLiving.org