Navigating IPCDS Project Sites

Project sites are valuable tools for all project team members. That’s because they host everything related to the project, from meeting minutes and agendas to project charters and project schedules and so much more. Project sites aren’t just for project managers to use – they’re for YOU as a project team member to save documentation too!

The Innovation, Project Coordination, and Decision Support (IPCDS) team uses project sites often. So, the team has a standard way of organizing all project sites they manage. Knowing a little bit more about how IPCDS organizes project sites is helpful if you are ever invited to contribute.

 Below is a brief directory of the standard folders you will see in the Shared Files section of an IPCDS project site: 

01 – Project Initiation: Anything related to the start-up of the project.

 02 – Project Schedule: A current PDF of the entire project schedule, as well as the project Look-Ahead Schedules, which provide snapshots of what’s coming due.

 03 – Agendas and Meeting Minutes: The Agendas and Meeting Minutes sub-folders are only for use with Word documents. If your Project Manager uses OneNote to document minutes and agendas, you will go to the OneNote Library to find this information.

 04 – Risk Register: The project Risk Register will be saved here.

 05 – Communication: Any communication-related documents.

 06 – Budget Tracking: With subfolders for Invoices, Quotes, Order Forms, and Budget Tracking Sheets.

 07 – Project Execution: Any documentation related to the execution of your project.

 08 – Project Close: With subfolders for Lessons Learned (LINK TO and Project Close Memo documentation.  

Not all folders will be used for all projects, so there may be instances when you click on a folder and there’s nothing in it. Inside many of these folders are more subfolders to sort items. If you need further help in navigating project sites, there is a whole section of The Project Management Office Handbook (LINK TO dedicated to the project team site (starting on page 93) where you can find more information as well as a link to a sample project team site.

As always, reach out to the IPCDS team with additional questions you may have: