New Printer Pilot Starts Soon

Soon the pilot locations for the new printer/copier devices will receive the new devices. The pilot locations are the Home Office (1150 Hanley only) and Laclede Groves.

Starting on January 27, current printer/copier devices from Home Office will be removed and new machines will be brought in and placed according to the new plan. Below you will see two plans as an example. The first is the Current Plan, which shows the nearly 70 printers located throughout the Home Office. A large part of the printer/copier update is consolidating the machines in each location. This will be more cost effective for the organization. Additionally the updated software will make printing more secure and allow for more data collection to ensure the printer layout is working as efficiently as possible.

The second image is the Future Plan, which is where the new printer/copier devices will be located in the Home Office. Devices will be consolidated to nine multifunctional, color printers for general use. Downtime during the install will be minimal as the old devices will come offline and the new devices will be set up one area at a time to minimize disturbance.

A similar process will be taking place at Laclede Groves on January 29. Dates for remaining locations and communities will be announced in the coming weeks after the two pilots have been completed.

Training will be available at each location and community in a variety of options to make sure all users are comfortable with the new technology. This information will be communicated to each location and community individually.



If you have further questions, you may contact Josh King, LSS Vice President of Information Technology, at or Elmina Becirovic, LSS Senior Administrative Assistant, at