New Workday Feature Enhances Requesting Time Off!

We are pleased to announce a new feature in Workday’s Time Off module that we believe you’ll appreciate.  When requesting time off work, do you ever wonder if any of your coworkers have already schedule time off on that same day? 

Beginning Wednesday, August 9th, now you can easily know right before you submit a request to your manager in Workday.

When requesting time off in Workday, using the same process you’re used to, you will now see the names of any of your immediate coworkers that already have approved time off scheduled on those same dates, when viewing the calendar.  You won’t know why your coworkers are off work (because that’s confidential), or for how many hours they’ll be absent, but you’ll know they’ve been approved for some time off that same day.

Do you have more questions about this new feature?  Please check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” we’ve put together to assist you, located on LSSLink in the Workday folder for “Employee Job Aids”, along with other helpful job aids too.  If you have any other questions, please contact your Supervisor or your HR representative.