News Flash: Vision Changes Name to myUnity

There is a scheduled upgrade to Vision early in the morning of Thursday, July 26.

While there are many exciting new features that will become available to us over the next several months as a result of this upgrade, there are a couple of things happening right away to which I’d like to focus your attention.

When we began implementing Vision in May of 2016, Vision was at that time a product of the HealthMEDX company. HealthMEDX was acquired by Netsmart later that year in October. In an effort to bring the Vision product in-line with other Netsmart products, there will be a rebranding of the Vision EHR with the next upgrade on July 26.

Vision will now be branded as myUnity:

You will notice this new branding on the Login screen as well as other places within the myUnity platform. The full transition may take some time, however, so you may still see “Vision” logos in various places. This will not change any functionality.

As with any rebranding, becoming familiar with the new name will take some time.  Thank you for your patience as we all work through this transition together.

One other change coming with the 9.2.3 upgrade next week is the removal of the “Remember my Credentials” checkbox.  In an effort to maximize the security around logging into myUnity, the box has been removed from the logon screen.  You will no longer have the option to have this box selected.  The Username/Password boxes have been integrated into the Login screen itself:

Should you need to reset your password, please know that while you may contact the Help Desk at any time for password reset, individual users may also reset their own passwords by selecting the “Reset Password” link on the Logon page.

Thank you!

Michael George, RN, BSN | Director of Information Technology