PTO Sellback – and additional Bereavement Pay

Your commitment to our residents and clients makes our Christian mission of “Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest” possible. Our LSS benefits package is one of the ways we invest in you, our most valuable resource.  An important part of our benefits package are the time off benefits.  Whether it’s our Paid Time Off (PTO), our Extended Sick Bank (ESB), Jury Duty Pay or Bereavement Pay, time off benefits provide us the opportunity to balance our personal life with the demands of work.

Taking time off to tend to yourself, your family, your friends and your community is an important piece of living a well-balanced life.  However, in reality sometimes we need financial resources just as much as we need rest and time away from work.  To help our staff with greater flexibility to meet whatever demands their life places on them, we are happy to announce a “PTO Sellback” program to begin before the holiday season of 2018.  In direct response to staff feedback, PTO-eligible staff will now have the option to convert unused PTO into cash when they prefer to do so.  In accordance with the guidelines included in the new “PTO Sellback” HR Policy (see link below), staff may cash in up to 80 hours of unused PTO each year as long as they keep a minimum of 40 hours in their PTO balance.  Although we hope we are all able to use PTO for rest and/or necessary absences, we also recognize that sometimes a little more money in our bank accounts from time to time can go a long way to helping us balance our lives.

If you expect to have an excess of 40 hours in your PTO balance by 11/18, you may request payment of between 4 and 20 hours on your 12/7 pay slip by completing the “PTO Sellback Application” form (see link below).  All forms must be submitted to your local HR department by no later than Friday, November 16th. Please be sure to review the information in the policy and on the application form carefully if you are planning to participate.

In addition to the introduction of a PTO Sellback program, we are also happy to announce that our Bereavement Pay policy has been changed to offer more paid time away from work for those who experience the loss of a spouse and/or child.  In accordance with the updated “Bereavement Pay” HR Policy (see link below), eligible full-time staff may now receive up to 40 hours of bereavement pay (instead of just 16 hours) and eligible part-time staff may now receive up to 20 hours of bereavement pay (instead of just 8 hours), to grieve the loss of their spouse/child and tend to family matters.  This positive change is also in direct response to staff feedback and just one more way that LSS can provide compassion and care to those who do so for our residents and clients every day.

Thank you for all you do to help us fulfill our Christian mission.  We appreciate you so much, and hope these enhancements to our benefits package touch your lives in a way that honors the way you touch our residents’ and clients’ lives.

If you have any questions, please contact your Manager or HR representative.

PTO Sellback Policy:

PTO Sellback Application:

Bereavement Pay Policy: