PTO Sellback Opportunity

Sometimes you need an extra day off and other times you need extra financial resources. Lutheran Senior Services has a policy giving employees the opportunity to convert PTO hours into cash, providing flexibility in how LSS employees use benefits.

LSS employees in PTO-eligible positions can sell back as few as four hours and as many as 20 hours of PTO each quarter, but must have 40 hours remaining in PTO after the sellback. Please note, this additional income does impact tax withholdings and any percentage-based retirement contributions or wage garnishments that may be set up.

Interested? The opportunity to sell back PTO for payment on your December 6th paycheck is approaching! November 15th is the deadline for submitting a PTO Sellback request to your Human Resources Director. An additional 2019 sell back opportunity is planned to occur for payment in December.

For more details, please review the PTO Sellback Policy here.