Q2 Update: Another Piece of the LSS Pie

In the second quarter of 2019, LSS began focusing on our two key objectives in big ways.

The new Assisted Living pricing model went into effect for new residents June 1. Armed with information and updated on implementation, our teams continue to see a successful rollout.

The new pricing model includes two Expanded Care Service Plans. Residents who require more care and assistance will qualify for one of the plans, and the revenue generated by the fees associated with those plans will help provide the appropriate number of staff needed. Residents who don’t require more care and assistance will continue to pay the monthly service fee rate. In January 2020, the pricing model will go into effect for current residents.

The rollout of this pricing model has been smooth thanks to a tremendous amount of work from many teams across the organization. The success of this model highlights many of our Christian Core Values, especially People First and Service Excellence.

LSS is also continuing the evaluation of the Memory Care Assisted Living service line. This centers on building on the value and quality LSS provides our residents through programming for LSS Memory Care Assisted Living across all of our communities.

The Workforce Excellence objective launched with multiple teams in the second quarter. With a focus on maintaining a stable workforce by becoming the employer of choice, LSS has six large tactical projects in this area.

The first is Data Analysis. The Workforce Excellence team has begun to analyze internal data to determine the best opportunities for improving compensation, benefits, and other programs.

Next is Workforce Experience, which is identifying creative solutions LSS can provide to improve work-life balance for LSS employees.

The third tactical project area had a lot of movement over the past few months. It’s the CNA Workforce Development. In this area LSS is fine-tuning recruitment efforts to bring in the best CNAs to uphold our value of service excellence.

In the area of Volunteer Database Implementation, much preparation has been done in the second quarter and rollouts will be coming in the third quarter. Stay tuned to LSSLink to learn more about how LSS is improving the volunteer experience and administration of volunteers.

The fifth tactical project area of Workforce Excellence is Scheduling Process Improvement. The focus here is reviewing the current scheduling processes and creating best practices to use across the organization to improve efficiencies.

Last, but not least, is Recruiting Process Improvement. By evaluating the current process, LSS will improve the speed and ease of hiring staff.

Workforce Excellence is a huge undertaking that is important to the very heart of LSS – the team members who are the face of LSS every day. This critical objective will take time, but the impact will be invaluable and there will be accomplishments along the way.

Please check LSSLink regularly to stay up-to-date on these objectives and more!

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