Q4 Update: 2019 Highlights

It’s that time of year to reflect on the wins, highlights, and learnings from the previous year.

The Assisted Living pricing model was extended to residents January 1, 2020. One community shared a story about a family whose loved one qualified for one of the Expanded Care Service Plans. The family was initially upset at the increased price, but once they saw the additional assistance and care their loved one received they were grateful for this option.

This story shows how LSS continues to innovate to meet residents’ and prospects’ needs. The Assisted Living pricing model is a great example of the dedication and forward-thinking of our organization.

None of LSS’ innovations or awards would be possible without a strong, committed workforce. Acknowledging this is the basis of the Workforce Excellence objective, which is centered on maintaining a stable workforce by becoming the employer of choice. This is a multi-team, multi-year objective that has six large tactical projects within the overall objective. These include Data Analysis, Workforce Experience, CNA Workforce Development, Volunteer Database Implementation, Scheduling Process Improvement, and Recruiting Process Improvement.

While work continues in all these tactical projects, there are two updates to report. The new scheduling program has been selected and will be piloted in specific communities soon. This new program and new process will bring more efficiencies to scheduling that will benefit staff, managers, and ultimately the excellent service we provide to our residents. A new employee engagement platform is also being considered; the organization is excited about providing new avenues of communication among team members and locations. Stay tuned for more about this!

In addition to these two objectives, there have been many great moments throughout 2019. Across the organization, LSS had record-breaking occupancy in early 2019. The CNA scholarship program began and we’ve brought many great new CNAs onboard. Lutheran Hillside Village broke ground on a new Wellness Center, which will open in 2020. LSS received three awards at the Leading Age Missouri Conference; including employee of the year Lori Baumhoer of Heisinger Bluffs. Richmond Terrace partnered with the City of Richmond Heights to place a historical marker on the property sharing the story of the Richmond Terrace building’s days as a schoolhouse. We’ve had several nurses from different communities honored. Jessica Hernandez and Betty Aruya, both of Meramec Bluffs, received an award from the VOYCE organization  and Molly Archer was a March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Finalist. And overall LSS received a 4.4-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for all LSS Care Centers.

Now that LSS as an organization has looked back at some wins and great memories from 2019, we’ve invite some special guests to do the same. Watch the full video to hear from residents around LSS as they share their favorite LSS memory of 2019! Happy New Year!