Register for Wellness Screenings with SimplyWell

September wellness screenings (for 2019) are here!!!  Please register on the SimplyWell website and/or SimplyWell app beginning September 1st to schedule your appointment!

All LSS staff should register in this new online wellness portal for SimplyWell, and we can all engage in healthy activities, challenges, education and so much more, TOGETHER!

In addition, all LSS staff may participate in the September wellness biometric screenings as well!  Although only employees (and their spouses) enrolled in our medical benefits need to participate in the screenings to earn wellness credits to discount their insurance premiums, all staff may participate for their own information and health improvement.

This is just one of the many perks that are new for the LSS Wellness Program beginning in September, as we partner with a new wellness vendor named SimplyWell.  The LSS Wellness Program is another way that LSS invests in you, because LSS values our employees as the most important part of achieving our mission of “Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest”. Your health, as well as your family’s, is very important to us and we want you to also live life to the fullest.

Whether you plan to participate in the wellness screening or not, please register in the SimplyWell portal or app to become engaged with your coworkers and become healthier!  To register visit or download the SimplyWell app from the iTunes or Google store (beginning 9/1). You must scheduleyour onsite appointment for a wellness biometric screening two weeks prior to your screening date.

To register on the SimplyWell portal and/or app:

·       Select Register

·       Enter your last name and date of birth (DOB)

·       Enter your identifier:

  • Employee: 6-digit Employee Number, including leading zeros (example 012345)
  • Spouses: 6-digit Employee Number (including any leading zeros) + ‛S’ (example 012345S)

·       Enter the registration code: LSSwellness

·       Then follow the prompts to complete registration

To learn more, please visit and click on the “Wellness Screening for 2019” section at the very top of the webpage.  Inside this special section, you’ll find information about the program overall, a schedule of onsite testing events being held across LSS in September, an FAQ resource, and so much more