Relias Group Trainings

LSS communities and offices now have the option of organizing Relias group trainings. It’s a great way to help team members keep up-to-date with quarterly trainings.

Here’s how to organize a Relias group training to ensure everyone gets credit for the training:

  1. Designate a proctor. They will need to have supervisor credential, which the Home Office can provide. The proctor is responsible for arranging the group training, conducting the test, and entering test results.
  2. Present the Relias training module. The questions that are posed during the video are discussed as a group.
  3. Take the test. Each employee takes their own test on paper – no group discussion of questions/answers. The proctor is available to help explain questions to those with reading or English limitations.
  4. Proctor grades exams immediately. Failing tests may be taken one more time. A second fail will require the employee to take the module individually on a computer.

Relias tests taken in this manner will not be recognized by licensure boards as fulfilling continuing education requirements. Only the current and prior quarter Relias modules will be available.

If your community or location is interested in conducting group trainings for Relias or if you have questions about this program, please contact Macy Balsman (314.446.2449) or Brian Reinhold (314.446.2577).