Requesting Time Off in Workday

Are you preparing to take some time off to deck the halls, shop for gifts, bake cookies or just spend time with loved ones? Before you leave, make sure that you’ve correctly requested your time off in Workday by following these simple steps:
Log into Workday.
  1. Click on the Time Off Worklet which features a suitcase icon on the home screen. From there, not only can you request time off, but you can also view your current PTO balance.
  2. Under the “Request” column on the left-hand side, click “Time Off”
  3. A calendar will appear and allow you to click on the day(s) that you would like to request off.*
  4. Type in the daily number of hours you’d like to request off and click “Submit”.
Your supervisor will now be notified of the request and will get back with you. Easy as that!
Do you have more questions about Workday? If so, please contact your Supervisor or your HR representative.
* By clicking on the button “View Teams” in the upper left-hand corner, you can also see the names of any of your immediate coworkers that already have approved time off scheduled on those same dates, when viewing the calendar. You won’t know why your coworkers are off work (because that’s confidential), or for how many hours they’ll be absent, but you’ll know they’ve been approved for some time off that same day.