Resetting Your Password in Vision

The IT Helpdesk is always here to help, but sometimes you just want to take care of things yourself. If you use Vision, LSS’s fully integrated Electronic Health Record, you may find yourself in need of a password reset. Users can reset their own password in Vision provided they know their Employee ID. (This is the same number you use to log in to Workday). Follow the directions below to reset your password in Vision.

1.     Open the Vision Logon Page.

2.     Click the “Reset Password” Hyperlink:

3.     A new screen will open.  Enter your Username in the “Username” box.  Enter your Security Code (your Workday/Employee ID) in the “Security Code” box.  Next, enter the Captcha information in the “Verification” Box.  Click Submit.

4.     Your password has now been reset.  The temporary password will display in small green font below the “Vision Account Management” header.  It is case-sensitive. Write this code down so you don’t forget it:

5.     Click the “Return to Vision Login” hyperlink to return to the Logon page:

6.     Logon using your Username and TEMPORARY PASSWORD you received.7.     You will be brought to a new screen to enter your own new password.  Enter your Username, Temporary Password, and New Password (you will enter your New Password twice):