Congratulations to Ruth & Willis Piehl Educational Awards Recipients!

The “Ruth & Willis Piehl Educational Awards” program is an educational assistance program designed to enhance and expand the career options of both full-time and part-time LSS staff, by covering fees and costs (such as books and supplies) related to schooling. This program includes, but isn’t limited to courses for a GED as well as learning English as a second language.  The financial assistance provided through this program came from the generosity of the family of Ruth and Willis Piehl.

Please note that due to popular demand, we have reached the annual limit of awards that can be paid for 2017, and will not be able to issue any new awards under the guidelines of the program until 2018. Please visit the “Other Benefits” tab on for information on other Educational Assistance benefits at LSS you may also be eligible for.

Below are the 2017 recipients who have furthered their educational goals with the assistance of the Ruth & Willis Piehl Educational Award.  Congratulations!


Angela Atkinson MV
Laura Bates MV
Amber Byington MB
Jalisa Cherry LG
William Elledge BP
Demi Freytag CV
Regina Johnson MB
Myra Kimble MB
Kelly McCluskey MB
Brendan Ratay MB
Samantha Ritter BP
Lauren Schiefelbein BP
Naomi Smith LG
Jacqueline Sumpter CV
Matt West HO