Shout Out to Meramec Bluffs Team Members!

“An Independent Living resident of Meramec Bluffs suffered a health related episode and collapsed in the hallway of Meramec Bluffs.  The Meramec Bluffs team sprang into action to help this resident who was unresponsive. Shawn Baker, Manager of Security at Meramec Bluffs, responded right away and found the resident with no vitals.  Shawn immediately had his dispatcher, Sharon Williams, call out over the radio for CPR assistance and to call 911 immediately.  Martha Lang, a Licensed Practical Nurse from Meramec Bluffs Assisted Living, responded first and started CPR while Shawn went to get the closest AED device. Shawn returned and applied the chest pads and turned the AED on. While all this was going on Shelley Wozniak from the Transportation Department held a blanket up to provide privacy to the resident as the AED was applied and CPR was being given.  Shelley could be heard speaking to the resident words of encouragement to bring her back to us.  Maryann Eissler, Meramec Bluffs Care Center Administrator, then arrived and relieved Martha and continued with CPR.  At this point the AED determined that a shock was needed to restart the resident’s heart. The clear command was given and Shawn administered the shock. CPR was continued until paramedics arrived and the resident was rushed to the hospital.

Meramec Bluffs wants to take this opportunity to personally recognize each of these individuals for their quick response and efforts in saving the life of one of our Independent Living residents. If not for the efforts of these people and the use of the AED this resident might not be with us today.”

– Mallory Kiphart | Director of Human Resources