Shout Out: The REACH team at St. Joseph’s Bluffs

I want to do a shout out to an exceptional REACH team at St. Joseph’s Bluffs who had an emergency situation when one of our guests coded. The response time from collapse to initiating CPR was 1 ½ minutes. The Fire Chief, who later arrived on the scene to assist, reported to our ADON, Kaycee Breen, that he has been all over the state and in every building in Jefferson City and has never seen a more well executed code performed.

What an amazing complement of what we represent as the LSS standard –  to be competent, well trained, and passionate about what we do every day. That is what makes you all the best post-acute rehab with highest standards of care. It is also an awesome reflection of LSS. I know it was a difficult situation and the final result was not what we wanted, but it was in God’s plan. You all make us all so very proud and our guests are so lucky that they are in your hands.

May God continue to guide your hands, your knowledge and your hearts and again we thank you from the bottom of ours.

Ruth Volkart | Administrator Care Center